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There are various ways to help you increase the profitability of any intellectual property and business. With the all-in-one monetization solutions of Maxx-XS, including payment processing, management and real-time reports, we give you direct insight into the effectiveness of your business and campaigns. Three VOD business models are offered and easily determine how you monetize your content profitably.

Transaction Video on Demand

Watch (premium) videos for a fixed price per video

With TVOD, users only pay for videos they want to see. Videos can be watched for a predetermined period, e.g. 48 hours.

  • Allow users to rent and buy videos with or without account
  • More single payment methods are available
Ad insertion
Ad insertion

Subscription Video on Demand

Watch videos with a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly subscription fee

Unlimited Video (SVOD) for a fixed price per month is currently the most popular business model in the market. Best known examples are Netflix, HBO, Prime and Videoland.

  • Large number of subscription options
  • Intelligent video recommendations

Video Monetization Solutions

Smart-TV Checkout Options

Let users pay via remote control or QR code that can be scanned with a smartphone or tablet.

Payment services

As an independent payment provider we cover all modern payment methods. Alternatively, other options can be added for processing and invoicing of purchases.

Payment API

Integrate mainstream and alternative payment methods with our Payment API.

Advertising Video On Demand

Add video ads to any platform or service

Increase revenue by serving video ads. Maxx-XS delivers via any platform e.g. Google Doubleclick, SpotXChange and many more.

  • Pre-roll, Mid-roll en Post-roll ad insertion
  • In-video overlays and interactive ads
Advertising Video On Demand
Free Video On Demand

Free Video On Demand

Let users watch free videos and live streams

A large number of online video services such as YouTube and Crunchyroll let visitors watch videos for free. Excluding premium features and the highest video resolutions. Income is commonly generated with (video) advertisements.

  • Convert free users to premium members
  • Monetize video with advertisements

Smart TV advertisement

Maxx-XS has integrated VAST & VPAID protocols to be used in Smart TV video players. Ads can be delivered and optimized based on individual preferences and behavior of the viewer.

Linear Ads

Nearly every ad on Smart TV is served linear and can be displayed before (Pre-roll), half way (Mid-roll) or at the end of the video (Post-roll). Depending of the ad serving platform, Pre-rolls can be skipped (Skippable pre-roll) by users after an (preconfigured) time period.


Ad pods

Podding allows you to display multiple ads from a single ad request (Pre/Mid/Post). Ad pods are best used in long-form content such as VOD and live streams. Which mimics the traditional linear TV commercial delivery format.

Verizon Media Brand Deli SpotX Double Click

Activate your Audience

Maxx-XS creates custom thematic pages, action pages and landing pages for every service. In addition, we realize technical integrations with 3rd party (e-mail) marketing platforms.

Custom landing & action pages

Custom landing & action pages

E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

With our latest CRM web-application it's easy to manage customer data, transactions and subscriptions via the browser.

User management

User Management

Subscribtions & billing

Subscriptions & Billing

Transactions insights

Transactions Insights


Easily determine which campaigns and videos are driving visitors. Maxx-XS ensures that you'll have all the information you need to optimize your Business.

User Management

Integrations are available for networks such as Google Analytics, Microsoft Azure and Amazon. Which provide in-depth insights about users and their viewing behavior


Detailed reports are available for all kinds of video and streaming services. Via our reporting API, records can passed on to external back office systems. If required, reports can be exported to Excel or PDF.

Custom Google Analytics Dashboards

Maxx-XS realizes custom Google Analytics dashboards. Each board is viewable outside the Google Analytics environment. Therefore only the most important statistics are displayed.

Testing & Support

Our technical helpdesk is available 24/7 and for all provided services. Issue statuses, solutions and side information can be viewed in a web-based ticket system. For app testing purposes and reproducing issues, Maxx-XS owns a large range of Smart-TV's and other connected devices.




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