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Deliver any video feed to our encoding platform. Stay updated of the ingest process via real-time backend reporting tools. Encode to any format or resolution. Archive master files or record live feeds for Replay or Catch-Up TV.

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Technical Specifications

Live Stream Recordings

Live streams can be recorded and used as desired for services such as Catch-Up TV and Start-over TV.

Catch-Up TV

Let users watch any missed broadcasts on-demand via Catch-Up TV.

  • Include exclusive content and thematic channels
  • Sell videos via subscriptions and Pay per View

Replay TV

Allow users to restart live broadcasts that are already in progress.

  • Start-over window of 6 hours back in time
  • Easy to integrate in any service

Semi-Live Streams

Offer videos as semi live stream by displaying them in a chronological order.

  • Semi live feeds composed via custom and automated playlists
  • Real-time playlist management

Enriched Video Content

During encoding, every (live) video can be provided with modern video enrichment options. This provides a better viewing experience and help visitors choose faster.

Preview Images

Preview images are used to give the audience a quick preview of the selected moment.

Multi-language Subtitles

Add subtitles and translations to any (live) video. These can be added hardcoded as well as dynamic.

Video Posters

Video posters quickly tell what the video is about. Posters can be adjusted as desired.

Thumbnail Previews

Let users see a 3-10 seconds preview of each video when the user hovers over a thumbnail.

Event Posters

Provide users with information about the live video feed, such as ended streams, offline streams and upcoming events.


After processing, video files are back-upped and forwarded to the production environment. The last step before distribution to end users.


Video files are geographically separated back-upped to ISO certified data centers, stationed. These backups can be used for:

  • Restoring content
  • Content license renewals
  • Disaster recovery


Each video or live stream can be distributed to external services and platforms.

  • Distribute to any CDN, e.g. Limelight, Akamai or Azure
  • Distribute simultaneously to OVP, OTT and social media
  • Publish content via FTP or directly to your CMS